Flap wheel, 6° curved

Flap wheel, zirconia alumina, 6° curved

Surface technology

• Zirconia alumina
• Glass woven base
• For surface grinding, edge and weld seam machining on stainless steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals, hard metals, plastics and GRP as well as steel

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EANOuter ØGritPlate shapeHole ØMax. rpmMEME_kurz
4317784864664115 mm406° curved22,23 mm13300 min-1PiecePiece
4317784864671115 mm606° curved22,23 mm13300 min-1PiecePiece
4317784864688115 mm806° curved22,23 mm13300 min-1PiecePiece
4317784864695115 mm1206° curved22,23 mm13300 min-1PiecePiece
4317784864701125 mm406° curved22,23 mm12200 min-1PiecePiece
4317784864718125 mm606° curved22,23 mm12200 min-1PiecePiece
4317784864725125 mm806° curved22,23 mm12200 min-1PiecePiece
4317784864732125 mm1206° curved22,23 mm12200 min-1PiecePiece
4317784864749180 mm406° curved22,23 mm8500 min-1PiecePiece
4317784864756180 mm606° curved22,23 mm8500 min-1PiecePiece
4317784864763180 mm806° curved22,23 mm8500 min-1PiecePiece