HSS taper sheet and tube drill set, TiAIN, straight fluted

Taper sheet and tube drill set, TiAIN-coated

Drilling tools

• Factory standard
• Diameter signed by laser in the groove
• Straight fluted
• Slipping in the chuck is prevented by 3-surface shank

Supplied: in plastic cassette with automatic raising of the taper sheet and tube drill when opening, including a tube of drilling paste.

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EANSet contentMaterialCoatingSteel <850 NSteel <1000 NSteel <1400 NINOXCast ironAlu, NF metals, NF alloyWithout coolingOilMEME_kurz
43177849063713–14/4–20/16–30.5HSSTiAlNRecommendedRecommendedLimited suitabilityRecommendedLimited suitabilityLimited suitabilityRecommendedLimited suitabilityPiecePiece