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FORUM. The specialized trade brand.

Professional quality, high availability, and an attractive price-performance ratio. With this concept, our brand has convinced customers throughout Europe.

The success of FORUM is also based on consistent alignment with the needs of the customers. The question is: which tools do professionals in the industry and handcraft need every day to be able to work successfully?

Since 2005, our community of renowned specialist dealers knows the answer: FORUM.

Our brand covers the needs of numerous sectors: metalworking, woodworking, sanitary-heating-air-conditioning, car repair, maintenance, etc.

Our efficient central logistics ensure that FORUM can be delivered quickly and reliably. Because we know: the best tool is of no use if it is not available quickly.

Why is FORUM only available at selected specialist dealers?

FORUM is an exclusive brand for specialist dealers belonging to a strong community which is based in the E/D/E Group.

With FORUM, the specialist retail community has proven the importance of cooperation. After all, a successful private brand is a significant advantage for their customers. In addition to the manufacturer brands, they always have an attractive alternative they can trust.

Each of our FORUM dealers also benefits from numerous other synergy effects that they can offer their customers as part of the community.