Control straight edge, DIN 874/I

Control straight edge


• DIN 874/I
• Made of standard steel, upright edges and flat sides accurately machined
• From 2000 mm I-shaped, with 2 hand slots and painted interior
• Suitable for ultraprecision work and inspections in precision mechanical engineering

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4317784859257500 mm40 mm8 mmDIN 874/IPiecePiece
43177848592641000 mm50 mm10 mmDIN 874/IPiecePiece
43177848592711500 mm60 mm12 mmDIN 874/IPiecePiece
43177848592882000 mm70 mm14 mmDIN 874/IPiecePiece
43177848592953000 mm100 mm16 mmDIN 874/IPiecePiece