Counterbore set DIN 373 M

Counterbore set DIN 373 M, for through-hole

Drilling tools

• DIN 373
• 3 cutting edges
• Shank cylindrical
• Spiral fluted
• Fixed guide pin
• For countersinks according to DIN 74
• For countersinking inner hexagonal screws according to DIN 912, 6912, 7984 and slotted head cylinder screws according to DIN 84 in all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and in plastics
• For through-hole, quality grade MEDIUM

Supplied: in plastic cassette.

Contents: 1 pc each for thread M3; M4; M5; M6; M8; M10.

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EANMaterialCoatingSteel <850 NSteel <1000 NAlu, NF metals, NF alloyEmulsionMEME_kurz
4317784812511HSSBrightRecommendedLimited suitabilityRecommendedRecommendedPiecePiece