Countersink and deburring countersink 90°, HSS-E

Countersinks and deburring countersinks 90°

Drilling tools

• DIN 335-C
• 3 cutting edges
• Point angle 90°
• Axial and radial relief ground
• Provided with rake and clearance angles for most common materials
• Straight flutes
• Shank cylindrical
• Self-centring
• Sufficient supply of coolant is essential for uncoated versions
• For countersinking DIN screw connections

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EANNominal ØSmallest ØTotal lengthShank ØMaterialCoatingSteel <850 NSteel <1000 NINOXAlu, NF metals, NF alloyCopper, brass, bronzeEmulsionMEME_kurz
43177848115456,3 mm1,5 mm45 mm5 mmHSS-EBright252086040RecommendedPiecePiece
43177848115528,3 mm2 mm50 mm6 mmHSS-EBright252086040RecommendedPiecePiece
431778481156910,4 mm2,5 mm50 mm6 mmHSS-EBright252086040RecommendedPiecePiece
431778481157612,4 mm2,8 mm56 mm8 mmHSS-EBright252086040RecommendedPiecePiece
431778481158315 mm3,2 mm60 mm10 mmHSS-EBright252086040RecommendedPiecePiece
431778481159016,5 mm3,2 mm60 mm10 mmHSS-EBright252086040RecommendedPiecePiece
431778481160620,5 mm3,5 mm63 mm10 mmHSS-EBright252086040RecommendedPiecePiece
431778481161325 mm3,8 mm67 mm10 mmHSS-EBright252086040RecommendedPiecePiece
431778481162031 mm4,2 mm71 mm12 mmHSS-EBright252086040RecommendedPiecePiece