Cross hole countersink set, 90°

Cross hole countersink set, 90°

Drilling tools

• Point angle 90°
• Shank cylindrical
• 1 cutting edge
• Special relief of the cone

Supplied: in plastic cassette.

Note: sharpening is possible by simply resharpening using an abrasive pencil on the blade front. Sufficient supply of lubricant is essential.

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EANQuantityContentMaterialCoatingSteel <850 NSteel <1000 NINOXAlu, NF metals, NF alloyWithout coolingEmulsionMEME_kurz
43177848122834-pc2–5; 5–10; 10–15; 15–20 mmHSS-EBrightRecommendedLimited suitabilityLimited suitabilityRecommendedLimited suitabilityRecommendedPiecePiece