Diamond cutting disc, sintered, for flooring tiles and tiles

Diamond cutting disc, sintered

Surface technology

• Fine diamond grit size
• Sintered
• Master sheets made of quality steel
• Form stability ensures precise cutting guide
• For use on angle grinders and bench saws in dry and wet grinding
• For cutting glazed materials e.g. flooring tiles, tiles and ceramics etc.

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EANOuter ØHole ØSegment widthSegment heightMax. rpmMEME_kurz
4317784862202115 mm22,23 mm1,6 mm8 mm16600 min-1PiecePiece
4317784891462125 mm22,23 mm2,2 mm8 mm15200 min-1PiecePiece
4317784892018150 mm25,4 mm2,2 mm8 mm12700 min-1PiecePiece
4317784892056180 mm25,4 mm2,6 mm8 mm10600 min-1PiecePiece
4317784909730200 mm25,4 mm2,6 mm8 mm9500 min-1PiecePiece
4317784909747230 mm22,23 mm2,6 mm8 mm8300 min-1PiecePiece