Flat chisel for stone working, shaft flat oval

Flat chisel for stone working (bricklayer’s chisel)

Hand tools

• Shaft flat oval
• Chrome vanadium air hardened steel
• Shaft and blade hardened and tempered
• Re-sharpening of cutting edge possible many times with simple wet grinding
• Impact head tempered
• Tempering practically excludes beading, flanging and chipping
• DIN 7254-A

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EANCutting edge widthShaft thicknessLengthMEME_kurz
431778485349126 mm20 x 12 mm250 mmPiecePiece
431778485350729 mm23 x 13 mm300 mmPiecePiece
431778485351429 mm23 x 13 mm400 mmPiecePiece
431778485352132 mm26 x 13 mm500 mmPiecePiece
431778485353832 mm26 x 13 mm600 mmPiecePiece