Screwdriver for slot screws, round

Screwdriver for slot screws

Screwing tools

• Round blade
• Gloss chrome-plated
• Chrome vanadium molybdenum steel
• Black tip
• Multi-component handle
• Shoulder
• Head embossed with drive icon and size

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EANBlade widthBlade thicknessBlade lengthTotal lengthBlade ØMEME_kurz
43177848501002,5 mm0,4 mm75 mm179 mm2,5 mmPiecePiece
43177848501173 mm0,5 mm80 mm184 mm3 mmPiecePiece
43177848501243,5 mm0,6 mm100 mm204 mm3,5 mmPiecePiece
43177848501314 mm0,8 mm100 mm211 mm4 mmPiecePiece
43177848501484,5 mm0,8 mm125 mm236 mm4,5 mmPiecePiece
43177849134785 mm0,8 mm100 mm211 mm5 mmPiecePiece
43177848501555,5 mm1 mm125 mm236 mm5,5 mmPiecePiece
43177849134926 mm1,2 mm150 mm268 mm6 mmPiecePiece
43177848316116,5 mm1,2 mm150 mm268 mm6 mmPiecePiece
43177848501628 mm1,2 mm175 mm299 mm7 mmPiecePiece
431778485017910 mm1,6 mm200 mm324 mm8 mmPiecePiece