SDS-max hammer drill, 2 cutting edges

SDS-max hammer drill

Hand tools

• 2 cut geometry
• Specially hardened surface for increased breaking resistance during hammer drilling
• High drilling speed and precise drill start behaviour
• Wide helix shape for good drilling progress
• For concrete, stone and masonry

Note: for long drills, use a drill with the same diameter to pre-drill at least 150 mm deep.

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EANDrill ØSpiral lengthLengthMEME_kurz
431778484036112 mm200 mm340 mmPiecePiece
431778489015112 mm400 mm540 mmPiecePiece
431778484037814 mm200 mm340 mmPiecePiece
431778489016815 mm200 mm340 mmPiecePiece
431778484039216 mm200 mm340 mmPiecePiece
431778484040816 mm400 mm540 mmPiecePiece
431778484041518 mm200 mm340 mmPiecePiece
431778484042218 mm400 mm540 mmPiecePiece
431778484044620 mm200 mm320 mmPiecePiece
431778484045320 mm400 mm520 mmPiecePiece
431778484046022 mm200 mm320 mmPiecePiece
431778484047722 mm400 mm520 mmPiecePiece
431778484048424 mm200 mm320 mmPiecePiece
431778484049124 mm400 mm520 mmPiecePiece
431778484050725 mm200 mm320 mmPiecePiece
431778484051425 mm400 mm520 mmPiecePiece
431778484054528 mm400 mm520 mmPiecePiece
431778489021228 mm600 mm720 mmPiecePiece
431778484055230 mm400 mm520 mmPiecePiece
431778484056932 mm400 mm520 mmPiecePiece
431778484057635 mm400 mm520 mmPiecePiece
431778484059040 mm400 mm520 mmPiecePiece