Shell end mill, TiCN

Shell end mill, TiCN-coated

• HSS Co8
• DIN 1880
• Profile relief grinding
• Cylindrical bore with longitudinal and transverse slot in accordance with DIN 138
• Twist angle 25°
• Rake angle 14°
• Suitable as face-milling, step-milling and plain-milling cutter
• Semi-roughing slot drill with coarse groove pitch, type NR

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EANØ k10Width k16Bore H7Number of teethMaterialsCoatingSteel <850 NSteel <1000 NSteel <1400 NINOXTi, Ti alloy and special steelsCast ironCopper, brass, bronzeEmulsionMEME_kurz
431778482355540 mm32 mm16 mm7HSS Co8TiCN33242221212340RecommendedPiecePiece
431778482356250 mm36 mm22 mm8HSS Co8TiCN33242221212340RecommendedPiecePiece
431778482357963 mm40 mm27 mm8HSS Co8TiCN33242221212340RecommendedPiecePiece
431778482358680 mm45 mm27 mm10HSS Co8TiCN33242221212340RecommendedPiecePiece