Solid carbide thread mill, TiAlN, G

Solid carbide thread mill for outer and inner thread, TiAIN-coated

• For pipe thread DIN ISO 228
• With axial coolant output
• Optimised thread profile
• Universal application
• 3-5 cutting edges
• Flank angle 55°
• For thread depth up to 2 x D
• Optimal application in hydraulic or power chucks. Ascending milling prefers synchronous milling

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EANThreadCutting edge lengthThreads/InchTotal lengthShank ØNumber of teethMaterialsCoatingSteel <850 NSteel <1000 NINOXTi, Ti alloy and special steelsCast ironAlu, NF metals, NF alloyOilEmulsionMEME_kurz
4056273016886G 1/8 "14,1 mm2864 mm8 mm3SC UFTiAlN1708011060120200SuitableRecommendedPiecePiece
4056273016893G 1/4–3/8 "16,7 mm1973 mm10 mm4SC UFTiAlN1708011060120200SuitableRecommendedPiecePiece
4056273016909G 1/2–7/8 "26,3 mm16105 mm16 mm5SC UFTiAlN1708011060120200SuitableRecommendedPiecePiece
4056273016916G 1 "38,1 mm11105 mm16 mm4SC UFTiAlN1708011060120200SuitableRecommendedPiecePiece
4056273016923G 1 "47,3 mm11105 mm20 mm5SC UFTiAlN1708011060120200SuitableRecommendedPiecePiece