Torque wrench, with mushroom head square drive, 285–485 mm/395-591 mm

Torque wrench, with mushroom head square drive

Screwing tools

• Torque can be pre-set
• Readable via window scale
• Viewing window with magnifying effect
• High accuracy due to micrometer scale
• Torque setting via handle end
• Plastic handle
• Steel tube casing
• Controlled clockwise and anti-clockwise tightening
• Mushroom head square drive
• Audible and visible signal when torque preset reached
• Release accurate to ±3%
• Accuracy standards meet DIN EN ISO 6789

Supplied: in plastic box, with testing certificate.

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EANStart main scale (metric)End main scale (metric)Start main scale (angloameric.)End main scale (angloameric.)Division main scale (metric)Drive sizeLengthMEME_kurz
43177848520055 Nm25 Nm3,7 lbf·ft18 lbf·ft0,1 Nm1/4 inch285 mmPiecePiece
431778485201210 Nm50 Nm7,5 lbf·ft37 lbf·ft0,25 Nm3/8 inch335 mmPiecePiece
431778485522820 Nm100 Nm15 lbf·ft75 lbf·ft0,5 Nm1/2 inch395 mmPiecePiece
431778486076540 Nm200 Nm30 lbf·ft150 lbf·ft1 Nm1/2 inch485 mmPiecePiece
431778494142660 Nm300 Nm45 lbf·ft220 lbf·ft1 Nm1/2 inch591 mmPiecePiece