Velour-backed abrasive disc, aluminium oxide, 6 hole

Velour-backed abrasive disc, aluminium oxide

Surface technology

• Aluminium oxide
• Paper underlay with Velcro velour
• Good stock removal rate and long service life
• Suitable for grinding steel and wood as well as stainless steel, plastic, GRP and varnish
• For Bosch, ELU, Hitachi and Metabo

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EANOuter ØGritME
4317784874687150 mm40Piece
4317784874694150 mm60Piece
4317784874700150 mm80Piece
4317784879668150 mm100Piece
4317784874717150 mm120Piece
4317784874724150 mm180Piece
4317784914512150 mm240Piece
4317784914529150 mm320Piece