Workshop calipers without points, without fine adjustment

Workshop calipers without blade points, without fine adjustment


• DIN 862
• Steel, stainless
• Vernier and scale chrome-plated
• Main scale slightly recessed to protect against wear
• With locking screw
• Double measurement (inside and outside measurement)

Supplied: including traceable calibration certificate, in box.

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EANMeasurement rangeJaw lengthHole dimensionReadingInch readingMEME_kurz
4317784856096300 mm90 mm10 mm0,05 mm1/128 "PiecePiece
4317784856102500 mm150 mm20 mm0,05 mmPiecePiece
4317784856119800 mm150 mm20 mm0,05 mmPiecePiece
43177848561261000 mm150 mm20 mm0,05 mmPiecePiece